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Becky and Kevin 3/10/17

Congratulations to one of the sweetest couples I have known!

Becky and Kevin met in April 2010. It was love at first sight. He loved her red hair and she loved his positive attitude! They dated for three years, but decided they were not ready marry and decided a break would be best. 

After a two year break, Becky moved back to Redlands to be closer to family where Kevin stayed in Bakersfield where they had met. They both started talking over text messages, and sparks started to fly. In 2015, they decided to give love another chance.
According to the couple, that was their best decision yet. Between starting new jobs, buying a new house, and their miracle daughter, Mackenzie Jo, they've had an incredible couple of years.
When Kevin proposed at the beginning of 2016 he stated "I almost lost you once, I never want to do that again." Excuse me while I swoon over those words!! Straight out of a fairy tale!

They found out about Serendipity through a teacher who was hired at Becky's School. Her reference, Tamara (Serendipity's Owner!), did a reference check with her principal and explained why Tamara was not teaching anymore. When her principal got off the phone she called Becky and told her about this beautiful outside wedding venue in Oak Glen. She googled it... Made Kevin go check it out... They instantly fell in love and booked their wedding a day later!

Becky was drop-dead gorgeous in her lace dress and the boys were all dressed to impress! Their night was filled with country music, cold beer and american flags! This was a night that we will not forget.

The couple wants to thank Becky's parents.. Without their emotional and financial support throughout the whole thing, this dream wedding would not have been possible!

When asked about how their experience was, Becky replied, "Our experience was wonderful! Through the late night crazy questions... to thinking I had a question that was not in the packet.. but then was guided to the page! Everyone was supportive, positive and friendly throughout our experience. They helped us create a dream we never thought was possible to create!"

We hope you both have a blessed and exciting marriage!

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