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Contract Information Form

Contract Information Form

Welcome to the beginning of your dream wedding!

Below we have listed several very important items for you and your fiancé to review. 


We are thrilled you have chosen Serendipity to be the most special place you will begin your lives together!

Please click on the link below to be directed to our Availability List. If you see an open date, please place it on the form below, and we will confirm its availability via email. 

Please know that these dates change daily, if not hourly! Be sure to keep checking back.

Click here to be redirected to Serendipity's Availability.


1. First, you will see a BOOKING QUESTION AND ANSWER section. Please review this carefully, as it will answer many of the questions you might have regarding this process.

2. After the Q and A, you will see your CONTRACT FORM. After this form is complete, and you've made a booking appointment, using this In Person Booking Appointment or Phone Booking Appointment link, please return the form and your date will be held for you. Any in person meeting can be requested as a phone meeting!!


Your date is not being held until the follow two things are complete:

1. Your contract information form is completed and returned.

2. You have made an appointment to book your date using this In Person Booking Appointment or Phone Booking Appointment link in your contract form. Please note: this appointment needs to occur PRIOR to the coming weekend's tours. We will not hold a date over a weekend due to policy. Thank you!


I am so excited to be booking my wedding at Serendipity! How to I secure my date?

After your tour we sent you a Thank you email. This email contained a link to the form you are reading now. Please fill it out in its entirety (including making a Booking Appointment), and return it ASAP as dates requested are time stamped and will be booked to the first bride requesting that date. Once we receive your completed form AND you have a booking appointment scheduled for the upcoming business week, your date will be held for you. This booking appointment is done here at Serendipity. We prefer to conduct them in person, and answer any questions you have as you sign your contract and leave your deposit. 

I have completed my form, but I have not made a booking appointment. Is my date still secure?

No, your date is not secure until you have a booking appointment.



How do I make a booking appointment?

Please use this  In Person Booking Appointment or Phone Booking Appointment link. This will take you directly to our scheduling system where you can choose a date and time that works for you.

What if I do not see a time that works well for me?

Please email us and we can set up a time for you.

Where do I list my booking appointment? 

At the bottom of the contract information form, there is a place to list the date and time you have chosen.

How far out can I make a booking appointment?

Booking appointments must be completed prior to the upcoming weekend's tours.

What if I am unable to make it in this week, will my date still be held for me?  

We are unable to hold dates over the weekend. If you are not able to make it in in person, we can process your contract electronically over the phone.


I see that I need to list a time for my wedding on my form. What are the time frames most often used?

Typically speaking for summer weddings time frames are 5 PM to 10 PM. Or you may choose to have a 4 PM to 9 PM event. In the spring and fall, events are generally held from 3 PM to 8 PM, or from 2 PM to 7 PM depending upon the time of sunset.

How do I come up with an accurate guest count?

You would need to make as detailed list as possible. Please remember to consult with both families and come up with as accurate as guest count as possible. We contract in blocks of 25 making this process a little easier. Please choose one of the following blocks 100-125, 126-150, 151-175, 176-200.

Can I lower my guest count later?

Once you've signed your contract, we will be notifying our chefs of your guest count. Because we contract with our chefs in advance, we are unable to decrease your guest count once your contract to signed.

Can I add to my guest count later?

Yes, you are welcome to add to your guest count one month prior to your wedding at your questionnaire meeting. These guests will be added on at $100 per person. Please note this rate is subject to change.


I see there are choices to add services, do I have to add these now?

Yes we do have a few additional services you are welcome to add to your contract. These are listed in your contact information form below this question-and-answer.

Can I add these additional services at a later time?

If you would like to add on any of the services later, they can be added at your questionnaire meeting one month prior to your wedding. Any additions added on later, would be paid for at your Questionnaire meeting. Please note these prices are subject to change.

Can I bring in an outside photo-booth? 

Due to electrical loads, and space constraints, outside Photo Booths can not be brought into the venue.


I see I have options to remove vendors from my contract. If I choose to do so, can I add them back on later?

You are more than welcome to remove the horse/carriage, florist, bakery and pianist. You can add these vendors back on at your questionnaire meeting, one month prior to your wedding.

After I sign my contract, can I remove vendors?

You can opt out of vendors after you have signed your contract. We will give you credit for each vendor to use toward upgrades on your contract.

I do not see where I can remove the caterer or the DJ. Can these vendors be removed?

Typically, we do not allow outside caterers or DJ's.


What type of payment do I need to bring for my deposit?

You can now pay your booking deposit by check using the new system, when you come in and sign your contract. Just bring in your check book and you will enter in all the numbers. Your payment will post immediately.

Can I pay my deposit in cash?

With our new system in place, you will not need to pay in cash.

Can I pay my deposit with a money order?  

We are unable to accept a money order for your initial deposit.

Can I sign my contract now and bring the deposit at a later date?

In order to secure your date, we need the contract and deposit together.


How will my payments be split after the deposit?

After the initial deposit of $3,000, we generally split the remaining balance into three (12 months prior - 40%, 8 months prior - 40% and 4 months prior - 20%,), four ( 18 months prior - 27%, 12 months prior - 27%, 8 months prior - 26% and 4 months prior - 20%,), or five payments (5 payments of 20% 24 months, 18 months, 12months, 8 months, and 4 months prior). The number of payments are determined by how far in advance you are booking your date. All payments are due on the first of the month. For example if your wedding is May 15, 2020, your payments would be due May 1, 2019, September 1, 2019, and January 1, 2020.

What if my wedding date is within the first 12 month payment?

If your wedding is within that first 12 month payment, we will most likely have that payment due shortly after the signing of your contract.


When I arrive for my booking appointment, can I make changes to my contract?

Because our book keeper is located off site, we are unable to make any changes at the time of your contract signing.


I see at the bottom of this Q and A, there is a link to an FAQ form, is that the same as this Booking Question and Answer I have just read?

The FAQ is NOT the same as this Booking Q&A. Please read through our FAQ, as it has many answers to your questions!

I see I need to acknowledge that I have read the FAQ. Can I read the FAQ later?

Again, we REALLY encourage you to read through our FAQ before you complete this contract information form. Thank you!



Please be prepared to put down your deposit for booking with us.  

The deposit amount is $3,000. You can now pay your booking deposit by check using the new system, when you come in and sign your contract. Just bring in your check book and you will enter in all the numbers. Your payment will post immediately.


Contracts are signed in person here at Serendipity. Please note: this appointment should be completed prior to the weekends tours. We are unable to hold any date over a weekend.

Please click on the link below to schedule your booking appointment:

Booking Appointment


If we could please request that you take a few minutes and review our FAQ document, prior to your booking appointment. (Please note: this is not the same as the Booking Q and A you have just read above). We want you to be well informed of all of the policies and procedures here at Serendipity prior to booking your wedding date with us.

Here is a direct link for your convenience: 

Please click here to view our General FAQ

Please acknowledged that you have throughly read this document in the form the below.

Thank you for choosing Serendipity!


Thank you for your decision to book your wedding date with Serendipity! 

We are honored that you have chosen us to host your most special day. 

Information needed to complete your Wedding Contract
We will confirm this availability once you've submitted this form. Please note the office is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Please list the day of the week your desired wedding date lands on. For Example: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, ETC.
I have used the link above and reviewed Serendipity's FAQ. *
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Mailing Address
Additional Services
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(courses plated separately)
(cannot exceed 10pm)
$500 per thirty minutes
****PRices are subject to change. Should you decide to add components to your contract at a later time, any increses in the above prices will be applied.
Would you like to remove any of the following from your contract?
After using the link above, please list your reserved date and time below. If you do not see a date/time that works for you, please choose the closest time you see (this will allow you to submit this form), and email the office with your preference. We will do our best to accommodate you.
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